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Currency Guide - Shop In Your Own Currency

For customer ease of use, we have provided the capability to shop in a number of different currencies. Select your preferred currency from the drop down list titled "Currency Guide" found on the left-hand side of your screen.

This service is a guide only - At checkout the currency will default back to the English Pound ().

When using our "shop in your own currency" feature, please keep in mind that this is just a guide for your information based on today's currency conversion rates. Currency conversion rates change, usually only slightly, from day to day. Thus, the rate you see at the time of your purchase may not be the exact rate you will be charged when we actually charge your credit card.


Since we are located in the city of Brighton & Hove in England, and our local currency is the English Pound, your purchase will be made in Pounds. The bank which processes your credit card transactions will ultimately be the ones who determine what exchange rate you will pay, based on the currency conversion rates applicable at the time your credit card is charged. Beaded Lily Designs will only charge your credit card in the English Pound () for the exact cost of the items you purchase and for any applicable shipping and handling charges. Beaded Lily Designs cannot be held responsible for any currency conversion rates or fees charged by your bank.

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